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Chemistry 184/284: Chemical Literature

Class Schedule - Winter 2011

Chuck Huber
Chemical Sciences Librarian
Sciences-Engineering Office (Rm. 2530)
Davidson Library
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010
Office Hours: Mondays 10am, Wednesdays 3pm
   phone: 805-893-2762
   fax: 805-893-8620

The following is the tentative schedule of lectures, exams and so on, for the quarter. It may be altered as circumstances dictate, but should help with planning for the term. The suggested readings listed are intended for the lecture FOLLOWING the date of the reading. You must read the lecture notes for a given session BEFORE coming to class, and do the associated exercise, to be turned in. In-class time will be devoted to discussion and hands-on practice.

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